Fun Hen Parties for Brides that are about to get Married

Hen parties are for brides that are about to tie the knot. Normally, they are given to woman shortly before her wedding day. When a hen party is thrown for a bride to be, she will be given a party to remember. Her friends and relatives will probably take her to a male review and let her examine the fine and sexy men on display. (

After the male review is over, the ladies will usually drive around town on a party bus screaming and yelling. They might even be bold enough to pick up some lucky guys from a club or bar to tag along with them. Everyone then drives around town screaming out of the window, yelling at people as they pass by and partying with loud music.

The ladies might even take the bride to be to a strip club where she can dance and slide herself up and down a stripper’s pole. This will allow soon to be brides to strut their stuff before she gets married. If a bride is really adventurous, she will get really wild and even wear a stripper’s outfit. (

Hen parties are not for the faint of heart. The ladies will also get drunk too. They will not be sipping on wine or champagne. They’ll break out the heavy stuff like hard liquor and beer. They want to get sloppy drunk and just act like their mad. This is what this night is all about.

Hen parties usually take place inside of a hotel room or at the house of a bride’s friend. Once the ladies are in party mode they’ll keep going until they are passed out drunk. If any guys are expecting their ladies to come home that night, they might as well forget about it. It’ll be the next day before anyone will see them. This is what a hen party is all about.