Expert tips on organizing the perfect hen party

A hen party is not an easy task since they are several expectations that you need to meet. A hen party is pretty important to the bride and you don’t want to mess it up, especially if it is your first time organizing one. There are several factors that you need to consider to ensure you organize the perfect hen party. Below are a few expert tips to pint you in the right direction.

1. Start with invites

Who you invite to a hen party is very important to ensure the whole party doesn’t turn into a nightmare. When you are the maid of honor, ensure that you run your invite list with the bride-to-be before sending the invites. If there is an extreme divide between people then you need to consider spitting the day or having two hens.

2. Save the date

There are several activities that you want to be done during the hen party, and you, therefore, need to save the date. You must consider all the guest when coming up with the date to ensure that all of the bride’s friends can make it to the party. Now, do not have a hen party the night before the big day. You need to choose a date that is at least a week away from the wedding date.

3. Set the budget

Make a realistic budget and ensure that you stick to it. The budget should be fair and generous enough to make the bride feel that you are putting the special effort she needs. Ensure that you set some money aside in your budget to help with any unforeseen costs. Try to include the invited friends and family when making the budget, they could help you by making contributions.


Ensure that you organize the perfect hen party by following the expert tips provided. Remember to keep things fun and include everybody in the activities.