Dazzle the Hen Party with Unique and Mind-Blowing Ideas

A hen party is perhaps the most exciting thing for any bride-to-be. While everyone would love to have a truly unique banquet, organizing a great hen party can be a tenacious task. Are you a novice bridesmaid arranging for the hen party gauntlet right now? Do not panic – you’re at the right place. So, how do you organize the perfect bachelorette party? To get you on the right track, we’ve put together a guide with everything you need to know about planning a hen party.

Ask Her What She Wants

This is a top priority. Even though you’d want to put some elements of the hen do a secret, she’s the reason you’re putting up the whole bash. Hence, you’ve got to put together something she’ll truly fall for! If you are not sure of what the bride wants, just ask. Of course, she has every distinct idea on what she’d like her hen do to look like.

Determine the Guest List

You’ve got to get the bride to write you a list of the people she wants to be in her hen party. This will save you from forgetting about that school friend or second cousin that you’ve never heard of. Once you’re aware of the people attending the bachelorette, you’ll be in a position to put necessary arrangements in place for the big auspicious day!

Set a Date and Plan the Venue

Of course, people’s diaries get booked up fast, as do venues. You’ve got to determine the most convenient day for everyone and lock it in. The choice of a venue is endless. Whether you want to have it in your local town, somewhere in a nearby town, or jet off to a further field, the array of venues is unlimited. Well, you might want to consider the guests attending the bash. While it is unforgettable to hold the hen do in a faraway place, it is not worth it if it would mean some important people won’t be in a position to attend.

Select a Suitable Accommodation

In case you’ve settled at having the bash in a place far from home, you’ve got to pick a suitable accommodation for your guests. You can opt to rent a hotel, B&B, a big house, or even use glamping and traditional camping. There’s something to suit all tastes and budgets. While hotels can be convenient, self-catering options would make the hen do more personal and intimate.

Select a Theme

Perhaps you prefer holding a themed hen bachelorette – that’s alright! The choice of the venue and accommodation largely adds to a theme. For instance, holding the bash in a quirky hotel with 1960s makeover is great for a vintage hen party.

Cost Everything Up

Here, you’ve got to first consider all the activities to do. From craft, dance, and beauty treats, there’s a wide array to choose from. Then, consider the food. If you intend to hold a drinking night ahead, you’ve got to keep a healthy order of food during the day. Ensure what you need is offered in your choice of venue to avoid embarrassment on the big day!